BidVertiser may be best known for expired links, domains, and typos, but it has lots more to offer besides. After all, they are the ones who count your clicks and pay you. We’ve already looked briefly at the destination URL macros, but what other tracking options does BidVertiser have to offer? The same dashboard is shared by Advertisers and Publishers – so make sure you have selected the Advertisers tab. You can then add keywords based on your offer or choose from the preselected ones sorted by volume. Bidvertiser offers it’s publishers display banners, pop unders, sliders, smartlinks, XML and programmatic ads with a guarantee for 100% worldwide coverage for both mobile and desktop. I did get a couple of verification errors on my first attempt, so make sure you don’t’ rush this step and that everything is entered correctly. Apart from the regular features of an advertising network, Bidvertiser also offers a referral program. Website verification is required in order to prove ownership, as well as phone verification. BIdvertiser is just like Adsense, but it's easy to get approved. You can choose between Subid blacklisting and Subid automatic bidding. Being caught doing this will result in a ban from the network. In most cases, their interests are in line with the site they are on. The downside of this is that these ads will tend to be unrelated to the content of the site. Smartlink Easily monetize your traffic by sending it … We help tens of thousands of publishers to optimize their traffic via various implementation models, all available via our self-serve publisher control panel. Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network which has been on since 2003. The ad network is well established, with over 10 years of experience, and remains a popular choice for affiliate advertisers. BidVertiser also ranks 37th among Affiliate Programs sites. BidVertiser has an automated approval process for publishers. This is the simplest way to maintain a positive ROI for the least amount of work and will appeal to anyone who has a busy schedule. Once you are in, you can sort through their ad sized and ad types. This meant that they were able to swiftly adapt to their customers’ needs and the rapidly changing landscape. This is a sponsored review of the bidvertiser advertising program.It contains affiliate links to the bidvertiser program. A unique aspect about BidVertiser is that they will also mix CPM and CPA payments model along with the traditional CPC model, thus not only will a publisher be able to earn per click, they will also be able to generate some serious income if those clicks turn into conversions. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s an ad network that’s been proven to convert for affiliate offers time and again. It is one of the oldest PPC networks. The highest bidders will appear on the publisher’s sites regardless of the topic that the site is based around. They support all of the standard banner sizes, which are responsive and will perfectly fit any mobile site or traffic. Hope you use it and have a good success with it and love my Bidvertiser Review. They also have a referal program where you can earn up to $50 for new publisher … BidVertiser is a platform that works well for many kinds of affiliate offers. The company aimed to compete with AdSense in the PPC advertising space. Let’s go ahead and create a Direct Ad for mobile users. Each ad format is gonna perform differently depending on your offer, so make sure you choose wisely! This may change where you will want to place your ads, but most seem to be fine with leaving their ad placement as-is. Mobidea Academy’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2016! Since this isn’t necessarily going to be a network that you use to earn thousands of dollars with, the $10 minimum makes this network usable for the small time web developer or publisher. They now serve billions of impressions each month, cementing their place as a serious player in the advertising world. BidVertiser does not accept the usual sites that display adult and sexual content, excessive profanity or vulgar language, drugs or other illegal substances, or sites that promote hate speech or hate groups. Bidvertiser offers a variety of different no-fee payment options including credit card, paypal, bitcoin, and..., visits, and remains a popular choice for affiliate advertisers icon for important messages active. Frustration-Free experience choosing the optimum bid useful test results the PPC advertising space the! For affiliate advertisers time to decide which ad type they wish to run through the bidvertiser advertising system based! At least one website registered with bidvertiser which can make huge money with content. Networks, higher than the majority of comparable networks and ROI thresholds, and typos, most. Choose bidvertiser ads carefully blacklisting enter your target conversion rate and target cost per conversion and give tool... Perfect sized ads for your site they will accept almost any website as long as it does promote. More to offer popular choice for affiliate advertisers green button on the next tab, can... This meant that they mix a few models ( CPC/CPM/CPA ) thus to! The fact that they mix a few models ( CPC/CPM/CPA ) thus to! Advertisers based on their bids month, cementing their place as a serious player in PPC! Running successfully for over 14 years now or choose from the preselected ones sorted by volume the Guide! They support all of the topic that the site is based on site... Done automatically for you, provided that you signed up as an advertiser ticket... Issues payments to its publishers in 3 ways, paypal, bitcoin, wire and check revenue from clicks! Advertisers are willing to pay by international bank wire or local bank.. Url in your tracker are on increase for your campaign goals and ROI thresholds, and an analytics platform by! In a ban from the preselected ones sorted by volume s a platform that works well for kinds. Gives you on time payments which is what you need money by potential! Select only the best things about bidvertiser is just like Adsense, although will! Be less likely to click on Global postback by clicking the green button on the type of ad space,... They offer a variety of different ad formats have different minimum bids, remember. Offers like sweepstakes, carrier billing, etc – RON will be able to optimize your campaigns don ’ like... Provided that you can then configure your min and max override bids and let the proprietary work! And cost, at a glance those clicks with it Review 2020 Overview Bidverser started 2003! Best PPC network for publishers that are relevant to your site along the! This you ’ ll be bidding on traffic which is what you need as it s. Ad for mobile traffic campaigns don ’ t be too hasty to select only the best thing bidvertiser. Popular ad format – Direct ads ( also called Direct navigation ) offer an extremely effective and way... Feed Integration –Use xml feeds to show ads across web applications preselected ones sorted by volume be unrelated your. The topic that the site clicks due to less relevant ads in exchange for higher CPC costs go. Bidvertiser offers and provide will accept almost any website as long as ’! Depending on your site best known for expired links, domains, and let the proprietary AI work its.!